Made in EU, since 2012.

Qulbix electric bikes

Off-road version

Powerful, rugged, silent. Everything you need in an off-road bike.


MX Racer / Enduro adventurer

A day at a closed circuit or exploring the local woods. Enter the new world of motocross, with no noise, no exhaust fumes. Just power, you can control.

Street-legal version

Across the city. Into the woods. Up any hill. Down any road. Your Q140MD Core will take you anywhere you want.


City Commuter / Supermoto racer / Off-road explorer

Q140MD Core is light and nimble, easy to manoeuvre through traffic and simple to use - just twist the throttle and go. Its running and maintenance costs are much lower compared to gas vehicles of the same class.

Qulbix electric motorcycles



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