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Across the city. Into the woods. Up any hill. Down any road. This electric motorbike will take you anywhere. Q140MD Core is based on the opened, full-performance Race model. It has the same off-road character and the same electronic and mechanical elements as its race counterpart, but is locked to 45km/h so you can register it as an electric moped and use it anywhere, not just the off-road. It's light and nimble, it's very simple to use, so it will fit riders of any skill level. You can charge it at any standard 220V outlet and it will go from empty to full in 3 hours. It has double front brakes, single rear brake and an electric brake you can operate with a left thumb lever to recharge the battery as you brake. It's available with foot pegs or pedals, so you can use it any way you like - to commute to work or to have fun on a family vacation. It's completely quiet and very easy to maintain. It's everything you were looking for in a bike.

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Qulbix Q140MD Core Street-legal Electric Bike

Max. design vehicle speed (L1e-B limit)
45 km/h

Charging Time (0-100%)
3 h

Electric range (according to L1e-B test protocol)
69 km

Type of electrical charging outlet
Standard 220V

Average range increase, using regen
10 %

Street legal status: Yes. Eletric moped.

C i t y

City commuter

Q140MD Core is light and nimble, easy to manoeuvre through traffic and simple to use - just twist the throttle and go. Its running and maintenance costs are much lower compared to gas vehicles of the same class. Maintenance is easy, all you need is to follow a few simple rules from your manual and the bike will serve you well and long.

Qulbix Q140MD Core Electric bike as a City Commuter
S u p e r m o t o

Supermoto racer

If you crave quiet serpentine roads with great views and their tranquil beauty, your Q140MD Core will take you there. Or did you always wanted to give a go-cart track a go? Your Core is up for that too. Wherever you find a nice piece of asphalt, your Core is ready to have some fun.<br /> Wide tyres, large padded moto seat and wide turning angle of the Core will enable you that long, smooth cornering that you seek. There's nothing more rewarding than moving in unison with your bike, following the curves of the road ahead.

E x p l o r e r

Off-road explorer

The Q140MD Core was first developed for the off-road and has since kept its off-road character. It shines on steep forest paths and off-road tracks. Its huge torque, adjustable suspension and no-nonsense design will pay-off on your weekend adventures.

Qulbix Q140MD Core Electric bike as an Off-road Explorer
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Light & nimble

Q140MD Core weighs 62,5 kg (with foot pegs) - 63,5 kg (with pedals) and can easily be manoeuvred, which makes it perfect for the busy city streets.


Your Q140MD Core comes with a detailed User's Manual on how to use, maintain and service your bike.


Quality matters. Choose wisely!

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Simple to operate

Q140MD Core has no clutch and no gearbox, so it's very simple to use - just twist the throttle and go.


Q140MD Core goes from empty to full in 3h. You can charge it at a standard 220V AC plug.


Q140MD Core Race effectively has three brakes - double front disc brakes, single rear disc brakes and an electric brake, which you operate via left thumb lever. So you can be sure, you'll stop we you need to.

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Low Running Cost

Q140MD Core's running and maintenance costs are much lower compared to gas vehicles of the same class.


Q140MD Core comes with foot pegs (standard) or pedals.


Your Q140MD Core has a left thumb operated regenerative brake that will recharge your battery when you brake.

Q 1 4 0 M D C o r e

Motorcycle with options

Q140MD Core comes in two versions – with standard MX foot pegs or an overdrive with pedals that enable effective pedalling at any speed. If you choose the P1 version of the Q140MD Core, you’ll be able to get a workout out of your everyday rides and at the same time extend the range of your bike. If you prefer the standard set-up with MX foot pegs, choose the F1 version of the Core.

Qulbix Q140MD Core with foot pegs


The F1 version is equipped with MX foot pegs and a moto seat.

Q140MD Core's Foot Pegs


Foot pegs are simple - all you need to do is turn the throttle and you're off. Read more on this option in our blog.

Qulbix Q140MD Core with pedals


The P1 version is equipped with pedals and a moto seat.

Q140MD Core's Foot Pegs


Pedals give the Core a completely new dimension. Read more on this option in our blog.

Qulbix Q140MD Core with foot pegs
Q140MD Core's Foot Pegs
Qulbix Q140MD Core with pedals
Q140MD Core's Foot Pegs

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