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About Qulbix

Qulbix roots date to 2012, when the first e-bike design was launched. Over time it became a world-registered brand. Qulbix's HQ are located in Slovenia, EU. Qulbix was founded by Mitja Šorn, an mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in R&D in auto-moto industry.

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Qulbix Milestones

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  1. The first model, FR1 is launched in times when electric bikes are still mostly unknown to the general public. Qulbix (then under a different brand) becomes one of the pioneers of performance electric bikes.

  2. Model Q165R is developed. This design enables the mounting of a large li-ion battery pack to power the bike, giving it a much longer range. Frames doubles as a structural part of the vehicle and a protective battery box.
  3. Model Q140R is lighter and narrower then its predecessor, but it enables an even bigger battery box.  becomes an international brand of electric bikes.
  4. The Q76R is developed for riders who are looking for a lighter, narrower bike. The number 76 indicated the width of the bike’s frame (in mm). This is the first model wit two types of seats – moto and bicycle seat, which are easily interchangeable.
  5. 76MD is the first model, where the electric motor is no longer located in the rear wheel. This marks the end of the hub motor era and marks the beginning of mid-drive electric bikes for Qulbix.
  6. The first version of the Q140MD Core performance electric bike is launched. The motor is now placed at the centre of the vehicle, which minimises un-sprung mass and effectively improves the over-all performance of the bike.
  7. The Qulbix Team begins racing in e-bike cross sport and takes golden medal in the first ever FIM World Cup in Imola, Italy.
  8. Other racers start competing with the Q140MD Core and take first four places in the Italian National Championship in EX-Bike Cross.
  9. A new version of the Q140MD Core is launched, featuring all the little tweaks and improvements based on racing feedback  – the front wheel changes, the moto seat becomes longer and with harder padding, the controller is moved to the inside of the frame, making the bike even more dust and water resistant. Core is still available in multiple set-ups: pedals/foot pegs, moto/bicycle seat.
  10. Qulbix launches its first ever street legal model, the Q140MD Core L1e-B which is intended for the wider audience, not just racers. The new bike has all the features of its racing ancestors, but is locked into moped, so it can be easily registered and ridden anywhere.
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