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Q76P Utility Pedelec

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This is the perfect long-range/utility e-bike. It is light, nimble and has a regenerative brake, that will regenerate your bike’s energy and help minimise disc brake wear. It comes with multiple options. For more info read the long description and specs, below.
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The Q76P is a utility pedelec, designed to be as light and nibble as possible, with maximum battery space for maximum range and torque, locked at the legal speed of 25km/h. The Q76P can be used with a trailer to be an off-road working vehicle, or can be used to make long range trips of 100km and more of assisted power. It is robust and durable and can be customised to meet your e-bike needs. It’s has a unique feature – left thumb operated regenerative brake, which will regenerate your bike’s energy and save your disc brakes.

The Q76P can se fitted with a moto style seat, twist throttle and even foot pegs.

It comes with one of three battery sizes:
  • 960 Wh (standard)
  • 1440 Wh
  • 1920 Wh
It offers three power managements:
  • pedal assist (standard pedelec)
  • pedal assist and twist throttle (optional modification)
  • twist throttle only (optional modification)
Qulbix Q76P Utility Pedelec is available in 3 color combinations:
  • Black & white bike with red or yellow decals
  • Army green with black decals
  • All-black with silver decals.
Custom colors are also possible, but this may prolong the production time.

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Additional information

Weight 40 kg

Black & White, Army Green, All-black

Key features

The Q76P is a utility pedelec, designed to be as light and nibble as possible, with maximum battery space for maximum range and torque, with pedal assist speed of 25km/h.

Max. speed

25 km/h (legal speed) with pedal assisted cadence sensor for responsive pedalling

Maximum load

125 kg


Pure electric


Right hand twist operated throttle (not included; only as additional option).


Left hand thumb operated regeneration brake that refills the battery when braking downhill.

Energy capacity

1440 Wh, 1920 Wh, 960 Wh


96 km / 144 km / 192 km *

Charging time

2-3h (depending on battery size)

Motor type

3 phase brush-less with permanent magnet

Controller functions

Sine-wave (FOC) SVMC7245 e-bike controller with smooth, direct throttle response, variable regen, silent motor operation.

Battery cell chemistry


Charger weight

2 kg

Displayed info

Voltage, SOC, speed, power, motor temperature, current, trip meter, odometer, battery internal resistance and more.

Front wheel suspension


Rear wheel suspension

Shock absorber with steel spring and hydraulic damping. Adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound. Rear wheel travel: 220mm.

Frame material

Super strong construction steel and high tensile strength aluminium.

Crank set

Custom crank set with 7-speed rear cassette and derailleur. Single front chain-wheel sprocket 46T.


19'' moto wheels with dual purpose (Shinko) tyres, 26'' bicycle wheels with DH (Maxxis) tyres



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