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THE FASCINATING QULBIX! Published in: Motociclismo Fuoristrada magazine Author: Marco Gualdani, Assignment Editor, Sports Reporter and TV Commentator of Motocross Sport Photo credit: Riccardo Tagliabue Original title: Che bel Qulbix! Originally published in: Italian English translation: Donia Osama It is a throttle-operated e-bike, capable of delivering a peak power of 12 kW to reach 80 km/h!We tested it

MEET US IN FRANCE!We're inviting you to the Salon Outdoor on July 3rd and 4th in Saint-Chamond, France organised by the Moto Club Du Fay Saint-Chamond. With 40 exhibitors, 50 brands, from small children's electric motorcycles to big enduro motorcycle to mountain bikes and performance off-road e-bikes, such as the Q140MD Core,



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