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Q140MD CORE 15kW (72V 30Ah) - Promotional Bike

Qulbix promotional bike that won the FIM E-X Bike World Cup in Imola.

7,578.64 €  6,062.91 € Ex Tax: 4,969.60 €

Q140MD CORE 10kW (72V 20Ah)

Q140MD Core 10kW set-up includes a 72V 20Ah battery pack. It's a perfect balance of power and weight, at top speed of 80 km/h an top range 95 km.

6,832.00 €  6,148.80 € Ex Tax: 5,040.00 €

Q140MD CORE 15kW (72V 30Ah)

Q140MD Core 15kW set-up includes a 72V 30Ah battery pack with the top speed of 80km and max. range 140km.

7,442.00 €  6,697.80 € Ex Tax: 5,490.00 €

76 Bicycle FRAME KIT

The lightest and narrowest Qulbix frame (76mm width), perfect for building light and nimble performance e-bikes. Includes a bicycle seat subframe for the classic bicycle seat installation. Standard swing arm drop-out width: 155mm (165mm optional).

671.00 € Ex Tax: 550.00 €


The lightest and narrowest (76mm width) Qulbix frame with moto style seat. Perfect for building up to 10kW e-bikes. Moto seat and subframe included. Standard swing arm drop-out width: 155mm (165mm optional).

744.20 € Ex Tax: 610.00 €

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