The New 2020 Q140MD Core E-bike!

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Over-drive Kit

Custom crank set with overdrive gearing for high-speed pedalling. Fits all Qulbix frame models with 83 mm bottom bracket.

250.10 € Ex Tax: 205.00 €

E-motor Kit

A high performance electric motor kit that fits all Qulbix frame kits perfectly.

707.60 € Ex Tax: 580.00 €

Q76R ADRENALINE 10kW (72V 20Ah)

Q76R is in PERFECT BALANCE of power and weight. With a large battery pack of 72V 20Ah it will get you up any hill.

6,222.00 € Ex Tax: 5,100.00 €

Q76R ADRENALINE 5kW (48V 20Ah)

This set-up of Q76R is lighter and nimbler, but still powerful enough to have fun!

5,612.00 € Ex Tax: 4,600.00 €

76 Bicycle Subframe Set

Bicycle subframe set that fits all Q76R performance e-bikes and DIY 76 frame kits.

73.20 € Ex Tax: 60.00 €

Adaptto Controller Shield Set

High tensile aluminium shield that covers Adaptto controllers.

30.50 € Ex Tax: 25.00 €

76 Moto Seat and Subframe Set

Moto seat and subframe set that fits all Q76R performance e-bikes and DIY 76 frame kits.

146.40 € Ex Tax: 120.00 €

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Q76R Adrenaline 10kW E-bike

Q140MD & Q140MX 15kW E-bikes

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