Qulbix Q140R BOOST 15kW (72V 40Ah) Uphill tracks, wheelies, power slides – don't let the gravity stop you! Q140R Boost e-bike's massive.. Product #: q140r-boost-72V40Ah Regular price: 6,700.00 € 6,700.00 € Production time: 2-4 weeks

Q140R Boost 15kW Set-up (72V 40Ah)

Brand: Qulbix
Availability: Production time: 2-4 weeks

Price: 8,174.00 €
Ex Tax: 6,700.00 €

Available Options

* Color Options - Frame Kit:
* Color Options - Frame Stickers:

See all the standard sticker colors HERE and all fluorescent colors HERE.

* Color Options - Rim Stickers:
* Disc Brake Upgrade:

Your bike comes with a set of single Shimano ZEE disc brakes. You can upgrade disc brakes by choosing one of the options below:

  • UPGRADE SINGLE BRAKES: upgrade both, front & rear disc brakes from (single) Shimano ZEE (standard) to (single) Shimano SAINT disc brakes.
  • UPGRADE TO DOUBLE (FRONT) BRAKES: upgrade from single front Shimano ZEE (standard) to double front Shimano SAINT and single rear Shimano SAINT disc brakes.

* Footing Options:

Read more on how to choose the right FOOTING OPTION in the tabs below.

* Front Brake Lever Position:

Qulbix bikes typically come with a front brake lever on the right side of the handlebar, which is a motorcycle arrangement. This has proven to be the most practical option, since the regeneration brake lever is on the left side of the handlebar. But, if you wish you can opt for an alternate position and have the front left brake lever positioned on the left side (classic bicycle arrangement).

Other Add-ons:

Choose to add a KICK-STAND, a rear and/or a front MUDGUARD.

* Seat Options:

Read more on SEAT types: moto seat and bicycle seat.

* Tires:

Please select at least one tire type. Read more on rear 19'' moto TIRE types: MX, Intermediate and Road tires. The front (26'' bicycle) tire type will match the chosen rear tire type. 

_Customer's Notes:

Please specify other details.

* _Important Info:

Quoted shipping is for PARCEL shipping.
Choosing the parcel shipping option means your electric bike will be semi disassembled and packed in 2-3 boxes (depending on the e-bike's set-up). For some countries PALLET shipping is also available. For more info on shipping, send us an email to info@qulbix.com.

E-bikes contain Li-ion batteries and cannot be shipped to every state, thus we need to check shipping availability and cost for every country individually. At the moment we do ship to EU member states, Gran Canaria, Switzerland, Norway, USA and Canada. For other countries, please send us an email to info@qulbix.com.

Shipping outside European Union: Please note, prices for international customers (all non EU customers) do not include VAT (Value Added Tax), nor import costs and/or taxes. For info on import charges, please contact your country's customs office.

Standard production time: 4-6 weeks*.
*Exact production time varies according to current order list. For more info please send us an email to info@qulbix.com.

Other info: Qulbix's products are designed for recreational and off road use only. Please read more on Warranty, Return PolicyLegal Notice.


The Q140R is a top performance electric bike with a XXL Li-Ion battery pack to take you there and back again. This bike is best suited for those bikers who will only settle for max. power and max. range. Also available as a Pure Moto Version without pedals and chain, just with foot pegs.


Uphill tracks, wheelies, power slides – don't let the gravity stop you! Qulbix e-bike's massive power will satisfy even the most power thirsty riders. The Q140R provides enough power and torque to get you places, and fast! 



Rugged, uneven terrain, that’s where your performance electric bike will shine. Have the time of your life and get the workout you need. All with one powerful, quiet, cool looking machine.


Feel like having a nice, long ride around the county or a quick run up to the woods? Just change your bike's seat type (from moto to bicycle style seat or back), your bike's footing (from pedals to foot pegs or back) and tires (choose among MX, intermediate or road) and your bike is transformed to suit your needs best!


Qulbix performance e-bikes are no pretty little city dwellers. They pack enough power to get you up that hill. Regen brake on your way down, and you can do an extra round before hitting home.

MODULAR - Unique as Each Rider!

Even if you choose your e-bike to ride like a e-motorbike, there's nothing set in stone, you can transform your bike at any given time. Choose your new add-ons, ride, change your mind, reset, and drive off again! You can customize your Q140R in any way you want, all parts are modular, and can easily be replaced.

3 options in 1 e-bike:

Q140MD Options


This is the Q140R basic version. Perfect for riders who want to take full advantage of optimal seat height for best pedalling performance. 


This option combines the best of both worlds – pedalling to get a workout out of your rides, and larger sitting area to precisely position your body weight when cornering.


Have no intention of pedalling when your monster e-bike can put out 15kW? No problem, this version is rid of everything your e-motocross bike can spare: pedals, chain ... No extra junk, no fuss.

STRONG & RELIABLE - Doing It Right

Be sure, quality matters when you’re riding off-road.

As fancy plastic and carbon frame casings will crack on contact, Q140R’s steel and aluminium frame can take a beating, and still work like a charm. Q140R is no pretty little city dweller, it’s an off-road monster waiting to be unleashed!

Quality Matters!


Q140R’s frame is made of extra strong steel (tensile strength: 1200N/mm2) and 7075 aluminium.


Our bikes are designed and fabricated in Europe, they're quality made, TIG welded masterpieces made of super strong construction steel, and we guarantee they will hold.


The Q140R frame is not only strong but also built smart. Its shell like frame design can store large battery packs and ensures that it will stay well protected even if you fall. 

Q140R Island of Man Ride


Key Features: Strong, capable, comfortable, powerful.
Battery Capacity: 2880 Wh
Charging Time (0-100%): 2 h 40 min
Max. Electrical Power**: 15 kW
Max. Range: 192 km (moderate riding: 15Wh/km)
Max. Speed: 80 km/h
Max. Torque: 190 Nm
Min. Range: 65 km (high performance off-road riding: 45Wh/km)
Variable Regen Brake (left thumb operated): Yes
Weight (kg), ready to ride: 57,5
Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion (Samsung)
Battery Pack Nominal Voltage: 72V / 40Ah
Charger AC Input: 220V (supplied with EU AC plug.)
Charger Type: 84V 15A Li-Ion Battery Charger
Charger Weight: 4 kg
Display: Cycle Analyst V3
Displayed Info: Battery voltage, speed, power, battery T, Ah power & Wh power usage, current, regen current & power, max. and min. values for current, trip meter, max. speed, average speed, range in km by trip or total; internal battery resistance and more.
Controller: Sine-wave controller
Functions: Top performance sinewave (FOC) e-bike controller with smooth, direct throttle response, variable regen, silent motor operation.
Max. Set-up Battery Current: 185 A
Motor Temperature Sensor: Yes (KTY83/122)
Motor Model: QS Motor V3
Motor Type: BLDC PMSM Outer Rotor Spoke Hub Motor
Material: Super strong construction steel and high tensile strength aluminium.
Weight (kg): 10,1
Crank Set: Custom crank set with overdrive gearing for effectiv pedelling at bike's end speed. Equivalent to 75T single front chain-wheel sprocket.
Freewheel: 3-Speed Freewheel
Pedals: MTB – FR/DH style pedals
Front Suspension: Fork DNM USD-8S 200 mm stroke
Rear Suspension: DNM RCP2 Shock
Front & Rear: Disc Brakes Shimano Zee 203 mm
Front: Alu DH 26'' rim
Rear: Alu Moto 19'' rim
Bottom Bracket: Truvativ Howitzer
Handlebar and Stem: Truvativ Hussefelt
Seat: One seat option (bicycle or moto style seat) included. Second seat available separately.
Throttle and regen brake: Twist operated throttle, thumb operated regen (PAS available as an add-on).
Add-Ons: See Related Products tab.
Legal Notice: Prices are subject to change. For updates and more info on prices, ordering, shipping, taxes in the FAQ tab. Qulbix's products are designed for recreational and off road use only. Please read our legal notice.
Notes: * The range and end speed of your bike will depend on the battery's charge level, riding style, riding surface, tire type, ride's weight and more.

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