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The New 2020 Q140MD CORE - Ride it 4 Different Ways!

The Q140MD Core was the winning e-bike in the first ever FIM E-XBIKE World Cup race (read an article on the MXGP website or go to MXGP Mag magazine) in Imola, Italy in 2019. Since then it has become our bestselling performance e-bike, and now we've decided to make it even better.

2020 Q140MD Core bikes will feature a brand new throttle activation type: PAS (Pedal Assist System) option. Beside the classic moto twist grip throttle you will now be able to opt for a pedal activated throttle as well. Read more below.

The New Q140MD Core 2020 The New Q140MD Core 2020 Handlebar

The New Q140MD Core 2020                        -               The New Q140MD Core 2020 Handlebar


The new pedal assist system lets you add throttle by simply pushing on pedals. You can manage the starting power of the first few pedal turns with the PASS ASSISTANCE LEVEL SELECTOR and tone the over-all power of the bike by choosing one of three power modes, using the POWER MODE SELECTOR.

The new PAS option will enable your e-bike to have three throttle set-ups:

  1. Classic moto style twist grip throttle - use only the twist grip to regulate throttle.
  2. Twist grip throttle AND pedal assist - use the pedals or the twist grip to regulate throttle. Using the twist grip will override the pedal assist throttle. This double throttle option is best for off-road trips, where you wish to have a workout, but also want to have maximum control over throttle in case the terrain gets too rough for pedals.
  3. Pedal assist - use only pedals to control throttle.

Throttle set-ups can be easily be regulated on your bike's display. You can also set up an end speed lock, at 25km/h.

Now you can transform your Q140MD to match your needs. Ride it in four different ways - from an off-road explorer to a pedelec with limited speed of 25km/h.

This means your Q140MD Core can now be ridden in 4 DIFFERENT WAYS:

 Ride it like a/an:





 Throttle control

 By pedals (active PAS 1) only  By pedals and twist grip 2  By twist grip only  By twist grip only

 Footing type

 Pedals  Pedals  Foot pegs  Pedals 

 Seat style 

 Classic bicycle seat  Classic bicycle seat  Moto style seat  Moto style seat


 Can be restricted to street- legal 25 km/h  Full  Full  Full


 Commuting, getting a classic bicycle work-out
 Off-road trips, exploring nature  Training of MX tracks  Challenging off-road terrain, such as steep hills and on narrow forest paths

 1 Pushing the pedals will activate the pedal assist system (PAS); twisting the grip throttle will over-ride pedal assist and activate twist grip throttle. Using classic disc brakes or regenerative brake will cut off both types of throttle.

 2 The bike can be started by pedals or twist grip throttle. Using twist grip throttle will over-ride and shut down pedal assist. Using classic disc brakes or regenerative brake will shut down pedal assist for safety reasons.

One bike. In 4 different ways.


New customization options for the Q140MD Core e-bike.

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Q140MD CORE 10kW (72V 20Ah)

Q140MD Core 10kW set-up includes a 72V 20Ah battery pack. It's a perfect balance of power and weight, at top speed of 80 km/h an top range 95 km.

6,832.00 € Ex Tax: 5,600.00 €

Q140MD CORE 15kW (72V 30Ah)

Q140MD Core 15kW set-up includes a 72V 30Ah battery pack with the top speed of 80km and max. range 140km.

7,442.00 € Ex Tax: 6,100.00 €

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