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Q76R Performance E-Bike Kit

Brand: Qulbix
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Available Options

* Battery Set:

Read more on how to choose the right BATTERY PACK in the tabs below.

* Motor Version:

Read more on MOTOR specifications: QS V2 and QS V3.

* Controller Set:

Read more on CONTROLLER specifications in the tabs below.

* Display:

Read more on DISPLAY specifications in the tabs below.

* Footing Options:

Read more on how to choose the right FOOTING OPTION in the tabs below.

* Seat Options:

Read more on SEAT types: moto seat and bicycle seat.

* Tires:

Read more on rear 19'' moto TIRE types: MX, Intermediate and Road tires. The front (26'' bicycle) tire type will match the chosen rear tire type. 


Read more on rear and front MUDGUARDS.

* Color Options - Frame Kit:
* Color Options - Frame Stickers:
* Color Options - Rim Stickers:
* Assembly Stage:

Read more on how to choose the right ASSEMBLY STAGE in tabs below.

NOTES On Your Q76R Configuration:

To receive SHIPPING COST info and/or PLACE AN ORDER for your e-bike, you will need to send your quote to info@qulbix.com.

Please specify any other details you might have regarding your e-bike, below:



That's we let every rider configure their own Q76R performance e-bike the way they like!

Choose the battery size, controller, display, tire type, seat version, footing type, colors and add-ons, that fit your needs and wants best.

And that's not all!

You can now choose ASSEMBLY STAGE as well - define to what degree your bike kit comes assembled.

Configure Your Deram EBike


How to do it?

Just use the form above to define your preferences and then send us the finished quote to info@qulbix to receive the shipping cost. And than finally, you can order your custom performance e-bike kit.

For more details on HOW TO ORDER YOUR PERFORMANCE E-BIKE see FAQ/Bike kit ordering & payment tab.

  Configure your performance e-bike  


Read more on specs and facts in our Why Qulbix?, FAQ and Specifications tabs.

Got more questions?

Sure, post them on our Qulbix Forum and our team will be happy to answer. 


What's also new? The Q76R is now based on the new generation (2017) 76 frame, that is even LIGHTER (only 3.2 kg) and more SPACIOUS (9,6%) than ever.


Want MAXIMUM POWER or you prefer your bike to be as LIGHT & NIMBLE as possible?
Your battery pack size will determine your e-bike's performance.
Got your OWN PLANS for power? No problem, take the e-bike without a battery pack.
See details below.

Qulbix Set-ups: Battery Options

Notes: * The range of your bike will depend strongly on the riding style, riding surface, tire type, ride's weight and more.
Pack Includes Samsung Li-Ion Battery Pack, BMS & Charger Samsung Li-Ion Battery Pack, BMS & Charger No battery pack, no BMS, no charger
Use Hard off-road riding. Enough power for steep uphill rides, power slides and wheelies. Up to 30km power rides or longer off-road commutes. Best for specific needs. You will find battery cells in our web shop.
Max. current discharge  150 A 60 A /
Battery Capacity 1440 Wh 960 Wh /
Range* 80-30 km 80-30 km /
Top Speed Estimate 70 km/h 45 km/h /
Weight 7.5 kg 4.9 kg /
Charging Time 2 h 2 h /
Charger Type 84V 10A Li-Ion Battery Charger 54.6V 10A Li-Ion Battery Charger No Charger.
Charger AC Input 110V/220V(manual adjusted) 110V/220V(manual adjusted) /
Charger Weight 3 kg 2.5 kg /
BMS Type BMS 72V 20S Li-Ion (with XT150 connectors) BMS 48V 13S Li-Ion (with XT150 connectors) No BMS.
BMS Max. Continuous Discharge  150 A 60 A /



Choose the brains of your e-bike wisely - it will make all the difference.
Your controller will determine you e-bike’s response performance, usage of battery and rider experience.
Think you got better options? No problem, take an e-bike without the controller.
See details below.

Qulbix Set-ups: Controller Options

Controller Type: CONTROLLER
Notes: * Parameters can be changed via included software interface.
Description KELLY KLS7230S
Includes Wiring Harness: cables connectors etc. The system is set-up and plug-in ready*.
Use Top performance sinewave (FOC) e-bike controller with smooth, direct throttle response, variable regen, silent motor operation.
Max. Supported Battery Current 150 A
Max. Phase Current 300 A
Max. Voltage 90 V
Motor Temperature Sensor Yes (KTY83/122)
Regenerative Braking Yes (controlled by left hand thumb operated regen lever)
Weight 1.4 kg



See what's going on inside your e-bike while riding.
Don't like what we got? No problem, take an e-bike without the display.
See details below.

Qulbix Set-ups: The Display

Controller Type Description Includes Use
 CYCLE ANALYST V3 CA3DP CA V3 display, with Qulbix mounting bracket. The V3 Cycle Analyst enables you not only to monitor what is going on in your e-bike, but also control it.  Read More on CA V3 here.
NO DISPLAY Supply your own display. / /



Not sure if you prefer MOTO SEAT or BICYCLE ONE?
NO WORRIES, you can customise your Q76R in any way you want, all parts are modular, and can easily be interchanged. For details see below.

Qulbix Set-ups: Seat Options

Seat Type Description Includes Use
Notes:  Both seats fit the 76 e-bike and can be interchanged at any time.
 Moto Seat Motorbike style seat with its distinctive look offers the rider maximum sitting area, allowing precise body weight positioning when cornering and ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Moto seat subframe in the color of your choice and a black MX style seat.  Best for riders who intend to use their e-bikes' electric power rather than pedal, enabling them to precisely position their body weight when cornering. Read more on MOTO SEAT here.
Bicycle seat Standard bicycle seat for best pedalling experience. Allows height adjustments. Bicycle seat subframe in the color of your choice and a black bicycle seat. Perfect for riders who want to take full advantage of optimal seat height for best pedalling performance and get a real workout by pedalling their e-bike. Read more on CLASSIC BICYCLE SEAT here.



Prefer pedalling or MX style riding?
No need to set anything in stone, you can have both ways.
Choose, ride, change your mind, reset, and drive off again!

Qulbix Set-ups: Footing Options

Seat Type Description Includes Use
Notes:  Both footing options fit the 76 Frame Kit and can be interchanged at any time.
 Pedals Motorbike style seat with its distinctive look offers the rider maximum sitting area, allowing precise body weight positioning when cornering and ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Moto seat subframe in the color of your choice and a black MX style seat.  Best for riders who want to get a workout by pedalling their e-bike. Read more on PEDALS here. Go eaquly good with moto (MX) style and bicycle style seat.
Foot pegs Aluminium, large grip surface MX foldable foot pegs. Can be easily exchanged for pedals. A pair of black foot-pegs with mounting material. Best for riders who intend to use their e-bikes' electric power rather than pedal. Read more on FOOT PEGS here. Go best with the Moto (MX) style seat.



You'd like to fine-tune the e-bike yourself, and save a couple of bucks at the same time?
Or you'd prefer if everything comes already assembled, so you can ride your new performance e-bike ASAP?
We get it. Just choose the way you want it to be...
For details see below.

Qulbix Set-ups: Assembly Stages



Notes: * Please note that this description only applies to pre-set components. If you exclude parts (such as but not limited to battery pack, controller, display) the assembly may differ from description. / ** If chosen. / *** If you feel you do not have sufficient knowledge or tools for assembly we advise opting for Full Assembly option and a help of a skilled mechanic (at a bike shop). 
All components are ready for assembly, no additional cutting, wiring, modifications needed*. YES YES YES
Front and rear rims are laced and trued. Front and rear tires are mounted. Wiring harness** is installed if the controller is chosen. NO YES YES
Crank set** (BB, Chain guide, chain guard, sprocket, derailleur (setup), and shifter) / Foot pegs** mounted. Wiring harness** and electronics** mounted. Battery** installed (protected). Cables wired. Front and rear disc brake rotor mounted. Headset mounted (frame, fork). NO YES YES
Frame kit assembly completed, fork ready to be mounted, swingarm ready to be mounted, shock ready to be mounted, seat ready to be mounted, wheels ready to be mounted, disc calipers installed. Stickers** applied.
Basic Tools (Allen keys, wrenches, screw drivers, etc.) needed YES YES YES
Specialised Tools (head set, BB, cranks and star nut installation tools) needed YES  NO  NO
Best for riders With advance level of bicycle knowledge, who prefer doing the final assembly (with fine tuning) by themselves. Plus: saving some money. With basic level of knowledge of bicycle mechanics. Plus: leaving the complicated and/or delicate assembly procedures to Qulbix. Who just want to ride. Plus: No (if picked-up) or very basic final assembly needed.

The Q76R Forest Ride

Be sure, quality matters when you’re riding off-road. Read, compare details and decide based upon FACTS.

Why Qulbix?


For a performance off-road e-bike, the Q76R is as light & nimble as possible.
Now based on the new 76 frame which is 13,5% lighter (weighing 3.2 kg).

Why Qulbix?


The Q76R now offers even larger battery box volume (+9,6%compared to previous model), while maintaining its original width (76 mm) which makes this performance e-bike great for pedalling.

Why Qulbix?

Strength & Reliability of the Backbone 

Attention to details, high quality materials and precise welding techniques make Qulbix frames very light and rigid. With 6,7 kg (76 model) and 10,2 kg (140 model) both frames are of the lightest performance e-bike frames on the market. Monocoque thin shell frame offers maximum internal battery compartment at minimum outside dimensions.
Why Qulbix?


Qulbix Q76R is based on standard bicycle dimensions, so many add-ons and replacement parts (for example tires, hub motors etc.) are easily accessible.

Why Qulbix?

Crash Resistance

Are you one of those rides who ride hard? Even crash sometimes? No worries – the Qulbix frame can take it. It may suffer some dents and scratches on the surface, but that won't stop you riding. You can't say the same for »plastic cover« tubular frame designs or carbon fibre frames. All other parts are available as space parts.

Why Qulbix?

Handling & Geometry

A great e-bike is much more than just two wheels with a frame in between. Geometry matters! Our frames are carefully designed in such a way to insure that the bike will steer and handle with ease and precision. BB height is perfect for rugged terrain, so you don't need to worry that you'll bottom out on a rocky trail. Our bolt-on rear shock bracket with three holes allows lots of combinations for fine tuning the rear end suspension. We understand not all rides are the same. It doesn't matter if you're very tall or kind'a small - you'll be able to set up your bike to fit you perfectly.

Why Qulbix?

Super-strong Swing Arm

The Qulbix swing arm can take the torque from the high performance motors with ease.

Why Qulbix?

Modification Potential

Need to tweak, add or modify something? An additional hole for the cable or to mount a new kind of controller? Not an issue, drilling a small hole in your Qulbix frame will not compromise it's integrity. You can't say the same for carbon fiber frames.

Why Qulbix?


Qulbix frames are fully enclosed and thus IP54 waterproof. All cable inlets are sealed with silicon rubber grommets, well protected from water when riding on wet terrain. So no worries if you splash over some puddles, your electronics will stay dry. You can't say the same for »plastic cover« tubular frame designs.

Why Qulbix?

Battery protection (against mechanical damage)

The strong monocoque frame will protect the battery in case you crash. You can't say the same for »plastic cover« tubular frame designs or carbon fibre frames.

Why Qulbix?

Battery Fire Hazard

In case you decide to use cheaper LiPo hobby battery packs and you are concerned for the safety of your property, Qulbix's fully enclosed steel and aluminium frame will contain or limit the potential battery fire outburst better than any other frame design. Other frame types - epoxy resin (carbon fiber) and plastics will even intensify the fire. But be advised: Qulbix does not take any responsibility for the fire damage! We STRONGLY suggest you use safer cell types and always handle all kinds of batteries carefully, safely and in accordance with instructions! 

Why Qulbix?

Efficient Controller Cooling

Controller mounting position on Qulbix frames is ideal for optimum air flow which will keep your controller nice and cool even when it's working hard. Controller shield provides protection against mechanical damage such as terrain debris.



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