Cycle Analyst CA3-DP Display Cycle Analyst CA3-DP is a simple and durable display that enables you to always monitor your e-bikes.. Product #: ca3-dsply Regular price: $150.00 $150.00 In Stock

Cycle Analyst CA3-DP Display

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Cycle Analyst CA3-DP is a simple and durable display that enables you to always monitor your e-bikes functions in detail, such as: voltage, max. and average speed, range, battery voltage, temperature, trip, total trip, Wh, Wh/km, regen %, regen Ah, min. A, max. A, min. V,  and much more. Read More on CA3-DP here.

Cycle Analyst CA3-DP Display includes:

  • 1 x CA3-DP display;
  • 1 x CA3-DP mounting bracket;
  • 1 x CA3-DP cable wrap;
  • 2 x cable tie;
  • 1 x Qulbix mounting bracket.

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