The New 140 Frame Kit

The New 140 Frame Kit


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Qulbix Kick Stand

A strong and light aluminium kick stand for Qulbix Q140R, Q140MD and Q76R bikes.

85.40 € Ex Tax: 70.00 €

Key Switch Set

A key switch set for your e-bike. Fits all Qulbix frames.

24.40 € Ex Tax: 20.00 €

Throttle & Regen Set

A set of twist grip throttle and a left hand side, thumb operated regenerative braking regulator (regen throttle) for your e-bike.

26.60 € Ex Tax: 21.80 €

Rear Shock Mounting Kit

Rear Shock Mount Kit, M8x40, D12.7mm, (1 pair).

36.60 € Ex Tax: 30.00 €

Chain Slap Preventing Tape

Chain Slap Preventing Tape will protect your swing arm against damage caused by chain slapping and will keep the noise down as well.

6.10 € Ex Tax: 5.00 €

Truvativ Bottom Bracket

Truvativ Bottom Bracket Howitzer Team 83mm catenary 56mm. Fits all Qulbix frames.

54.90 € Ex Tax: 45.00 €

Bolt Sealant

Medium-strength bolt sealant (5 ml).

12.20 € Ex Tax: 10.00 €

Foot Pegs Set

Aluminium, large grip surface MX foldable foot pegs. Can be easily exchanged for pedals.

122.00 € Ex Tax: 100.00 €

Rear Mudguard

Heavy duty rear mudguard with polypropylene blade and aluminium mounting.

54.90 € Ex Tax: 45.00 €

Front Mudguard

Heavy duty front mudguard with polypropylene blade and aluminium mounting.

54.90 € Ex Tax: 45.00 €

Regen Throttle Set

A left hand side, thumb operated regenerative braking regulator - regen throttle.

18.30 € Ex Tax: 15.00 €

Glass Reinforced Tape PP 25mm

A high performance PP tape reinforced with continuous glass yarn filaments.

4.88 € Ex Tax: 4.00 €

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