Qulbix 76 Moto MD FRAME KIT for Bafang 1000W A Qulbix 76 Frame Kit modified for the Bafang 1000W MM C320.1000 mid-drive motor system... Product #: 76-fk-md-moto Regular price: $610.00 $610.00 Upon Order

76 Moto MD FRAME KIT for Bafang 1000W

Brand: Qulbix
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* FK color options:

Please choose your frame kit's color/s. Standard is BLACK (side plates and swinarm) & WHITE (frame, seat subframe and shield).

* 76 FK Sticker Set (New 2017 Design!):

76 FK Sticker Set includes 2x larger (Qulbix) stickers in the chosen color and 2x smaller stickers in default white color. Rim stickers and controller stickers are available separately.


Please specify other details.

The Q76MD Frame Kit comes with the new, lighter swing arm, suitable for 150 mm dropout, 12 mm diameter hub and 200-203 mm disc brake. Bicycle/Moto seat interchangeable.

76 Bicycle MD FRAME KIT for Bafang 1000W:

76 Bicycle MD Frame Kit used in a performance e-bike with Bafang 1000W



11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Maximum Rigidity at Minimum Weight

Attention to details, high quality materials and precise welding techniques make Qulbix frames very light and rigid. With 6,7 kg (76 model (2017)) and 10,2 kg (140 model) both frames are of the lightest performance e-bike frames on the market. Monocoque thin shell frame offers maximum internal battery compartment at minimum outside dimensions.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Price to Weight Ratio

Qulbix frames offer best VFM - value for money. Steel and aluminium combo make them performance fit and cost available. 

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job


Qulbix frame models and their components are compatible with most standard hub motors and bike components on the market.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Crash Resistance

Are you one of those rides who ride hard? Even crash sometimes? No worries – the Qulbix frame can take it. It may suffer some dents and scratches on the surface, but that won't stop you riding. You can't say the same for »plastic cover« tubular frame designs or carbon fiber frames.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Handling & Geometry

A great bike is much more than just two wheels with a frame in between. Geometry matters! Our frames are carefully designed in such a way to insure that the bike will steer and handle with ease and precision. BB height is perfect for rugged terrain, so you don't need to worry that you'll bottom out on a rocky trail. Our bolt-on rear shock bracket with three holes allows lots of combinations for fine tuning the rear end suspension. We understand not all rides are the same. It doesn't matter if you're very tall or kind'a small - you'll be able to set up your bike to fit you perfectly.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Super-strong Swing Arm

The Qulbix swing arm can take the torque from the high performance motors with ease. For extreme torque set-ups dropout reinforcement brackets are available as add-ons.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Modification Potential

Need to tweak, add or modify something? An additional hole for the cable or to mount a new kind of controller? Not an issue, drilling a small hole in your Qulbix frame will not compromise it's integrity. You can't say the same for carbon fiber frames.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job


Qulbix frames are fully enclosed and thus IP54 waterproof. All cable inlets are sealed with silicon rubber grommets, well protected from water when riding on wet terrain. So no worries if you splash over some puddles, your electronics will stay dry. You can't say the same for »plastic cover« tubular frame designs.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Battery protection (against mechanical damage)

The strong monocoque frame will protect the battery in case you crash. You can't say the same for »plastic cover« tubular frame designs or carbon fibre frames.

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Battery Fire Hazard

In case you decide to use cheaper LiPo hobby battery packs and you are concerned for the safety of your property, Qulbix's fully enclosed steel and aluminium frame will contain or limit the potential battery fire outburst better than any other frame design. Other frame types - epoxy resin (carbon fiber) and plastics will even intensify the fire. But be advised: Qulbix does not take any responsibility for the fire damage! We STRONGLY suggest you use safer cell types and always handle all kinds of batteries carefully, safely and in accordance with instructions! 

11 Reasons Why Qulbix Frames Are Best for the Job

Efficient Controller Cooling

Controller mounting position on Qulbix frames is ideal for optimum air flow which will keep your controller nice and cool even when it's working hard. Controller shield provides protection against mechanical damage such as terrain debris.

76 Moto Frame Kit

A motorcycle style seat gives you more sitting area and has a very distinctive look. It allows you to precisely position your body weight when cornering and ensures you a comfortable ride.

76 Moto Frame Kit Geometry

Qulbix frame kits are designed for performance off-road/road riding, but this frame offers more possibilities, as it is also suitable for high-speed mid-drive pedelec bikes.

To find compatible bike components see Related Products tab.

What's included in your 76 Moto Frame Kit:

  • Frame
  • Swing arm
  • Side plates
  • Rear shock bracket
  • Moto seat subframe
  • Moto seat
  • Rear brake calliper bracket
  • Other small parts (nuts, bolts, rubber seals, cable ties, key switch, Neutrik NL2 charger socket etc.)

Please note: stickers are not included in the basic frame kit, but can be bought separately (see Related Products)!

Please read important legal notice (see page footer).

76 Frame Kit's Battery Box Opening Dimensions

76 Frame Kit Owner's Manual

Width: 76mm
Rear Shock Dimensions: 240x76mm
Bottom bracket height: 350mm
Minimum bicycle seat height: 840mm
Stand over height: 780mm
Head tube angle: 64⁰
Wheel base: 1250mm
Rear wheel travel: 230mm
Head tube length: 150mm
Seat post diameter/seat tube inner diameter: 30,9mm
Seat tube outside diameter: 35mm
Bottom bracket: 83 mm, BSA thread (BB is not included in the kit). Fits Bafang 1000W MM C320.1000.
Maximum tire width (26'' wheel): 90mm
Head tube inside diameter: 44mm
Rear shock bushing length: 40mm
Weight (kg): 8,2
Material: Super strong CrMo steel and High tensile Aluminium.
Seat Type: Moto seat & subframe included.
Controller Shield Type: Not included.
Rear Brake: Suitable for 200/203 mm rotor and standard brake calipers (rear brake adapter is included in the kit.)
Key lock: Frame integrated key-lock for controller on/off.
Charger socket: Integrated Neutrik NL2 charger socket with rubber cap.
Dérailleur: M10x1 threaded hole for standard dérailleur installation.

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