The New 140 Frame Kit

The New 140 Frame Kit

Kelly Controls, LLC Kelly KLS7230S Controller Set A complete set including Kelly KLS7230S controller, wiring harness, fuse, shunt and connectors... Product #: klly-cntrllr-st Regular price: $328.50 $328.50 2 - 3 Days

Kelly KLS7230S Controller Set

Brand: Kelly Controls, LLC
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Tags: kelly , controller

Price: 400.77 €
Ex Tax: 328.50 €

A complete set including Kelly KLS7230S top performance sinewave (FOC) e-bike controller, wiring harness, fuse, shunt and connectors. 

The Kelly KLS7230S Controller Set includes:

Controller: Top performance sinewave (FOC) e-bike controller with smooth, direct throttle response, variable regen, silent motor operation.
Max. Supported Battery Current: 150 A
Max. Phase Current: 300 A
Max. Voltage: 90 V
Motor Temperature Sensor: Yes (KTY83/122)
Regenerative Braking: Yes (can be controlled by left hand thumb operated regen lever)
Weight: 0.6 kg
Dimensions (l,w,h): 148 x 123 x 60 mm

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