The New 140 Frame Kit

The New 140 Frame Kit

Batteries & Chargers

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Battery Set

A powerful and compact battery set that will fit Qulbix frames. The battery packs are made of safe Samsung Li-Ion battery cells.

1,416.42 € Ex Tax: 1,161.00 €

600W 48V Battery Charger

600W 48V Battery Charger suitable for 13 S Li-Ion battery packs.

244.00 € Ex Tax: 200.00 €

900W 72V Battery Charger

900W 72V Battery Charger suitable for 20 S Li-Ion battery packs.

286.70 € Ex Tax: 235.00 €

FK Compare: 140 Vs 76 Model

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FK Compare: Standard Vs Kelly Controller Shield

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FK: Bicycle Vs Moto Seat Version

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