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Planning on build your own performance e-bike?

There's a couple of things you should consider when choosing the frame. After all, the frame will be the backbone of your off-road monster, so it should:

    • be QUALITY made;

    • have the RIGHT GEOMETRY: check the standover height, position of the seat and pedals, etc. All of this will effect how rideable your bike will be;

    • be as CUSTOMIZABLE as possible: choose a frame that you'll be able to modify to match your riding needs.

All you need is some skill, some time and you're ready for some fun! 

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19'' Moto Tire: INTERMEDIATE

Mitas H-01 3-19'' intermediate moto tire. A high quality tire suitable for variety of surfaces.

59.78 €  50.81 € Ex Tax: 41.65 €

19'' Moto Tire: ROAD

Mitas H-14 90/90-19'' road moto tire. A high quality tire perfect for asphalt.

59.78 €  50.81 € Ex Tax: 41.65 €

19'' Moto Tire: MX

Mitas C-19 70/100-19'' MX moto tire. A high quality tire for rugged, off-road terrain provides maximum grip.

59.78 €  50.81 € Ex Tax: 41.65 €

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