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Qulbix 76 Moto Seat and Subframe Set Moto seat and subframe set that fits all Q76R performance e-bikes and DIY 76 frame kits... Product #: 76-moto-seat&subframe Regular price: 120.00 € 120.00 € In Stock

76 Moto Seat and Subframe Set

Brand: Qulbix
Availability: In Stock

Price: 146.40 €
Ex Tax: 120.00 €

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* SS Color Options:

Please choose your seat subframe's color/s. For other custom colors check availability. Please note that moto seat is only available in black.

Motorbike style seat with its distinctive look offers the rider maximum sitting area, allowing precise body weight positioning when cornering and ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Best for riders who intend to use their e-bikes' electric power rather than pedal.

Bicycle vs. Moto Seat Comparison:

Bicycle vs. Moto Seat Comparison

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