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Qulbix 76 Bicycle Subframe Set Bicycle subframe set that fits all Q76R performance e-bikes and DIY 76 frame kits... Product #: 76-bicycle-subframe Regular price: 60.00 € 60.00 € In Stock

76 Bicycle Subframe Set

Brand: Qulbix
Availability: In Stock

Price: 73.20 €
Ex Tax: 60.00 €

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* SS Color Options:

Please choose your seat subframe's color/s. For other custom colors check availability. Please note that moto seat is only available in black.

Fits standard seat post (seat tube inner diameter: 30,9mm. Read more in Specification tab). Bicycle seat not included.

Bicycle vs. Moto Seat Comparison:

Bicycle vs. Moto Seat Comparison

Seat post diameter/seat tube inner diameter: 30,9mm
Seat tube outside diameter: 35mm

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