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E-motor Kit

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* Motor Lacing and Truing:

If you wish to have your e-motor kit already laced and prepared for mounting, please choose the "YES" option, below.

When building your own e-bike kit use a quality, high performance electric motor kit that includes everything you need to mount it to a Qulbix frame (fits 140 and 76 series).

The QS V3 Motor is a robust, high power, high torque motor suitable for all who want to ride fast. It can handle a lot of current and will not overheat that easily. It is one of the most popular motors on the market and is also found as modified versions (for ex. Cromotor etc.). For technical details see Specification tab.

Please note:

  • The E-motor Kit fits 155mm swing arm dropout of Qulbix frames.
  • Rims are not laced to the motor. Lacing available at additional fee.



 4 Reasons Why Qulbix Kits Are Best for the Job

Perfect fit

Motor kits purchased at Qulbix fit Qulbix frames directly, and can be mounted on all frame types! No modifications are needed, which means you'll save on time, money and nerves.

 4 Reasons Why Qulbix Kits Are Best for the Job

DIY kit with assembly manual

Along with parts you will also receive a step-by-step manual on how to assemble the parts correctly. All you need is the right tools and some mechanical/electrical knowledge.

 4 Reasons Why Qulbix Kits Are Best for the Job

Save time and money

Tracking down and purchasing individual components from different vendors may take a lot of time and skill. Getting a complete kit is not only easier, but it saves you time and money on multiple shipment costs and import procedures.

E-motor Kit includes:

  1. QS V3 motor with stock connectors;
  2. 3-speed freewheel;
  3. 19'' x 1.6'' aluminium motorcycle rim;
  4. Stainless steel 10G spokes & brass nipples;
  5. Bolts, nuts and spacers;
  6. Spacers: 3 x motor spacer, 2 x disc spacer and 1 x brake caliper spacer.


Axle Diameter: Double Axle
Brake System: PCD6 x 44 mm
Color: Black
Continuous Input Current: 40 A
Drop-out Width: 150 mm
Efficiency 80% @RPM: 428-636 RPM
Hall Sensor Phasing: 120 º
Hall Sensors: 2 sets
Hall Working Voltage: 5 V
Holder: Aluminum
Magnet Height: 50 mm
Max. Operating Temperature: 70 º C
Motor Diameter: 205 mm
Motor Model: QS Motor V3 (24x5T)
Motor Type: BLDC PMSM Outer Rotor Spoke Hub Motor
Number of Motor Phases: 3
Number of Pole Pairs: 16 pairs
Peak Input Current: 75 A
Rated Power: 3000 W (constant)
Spade Half of Axle: 10 mm
Speed: 35-70 km/h
Spoke: 36 pcs x 4.2
Thermal Probe: KTY83/122
Voltage Range: 72 V
Waterproof Grade: IP54
Weight of the Motor: 11,7 kg

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