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Qulbix Kelly Controller Shield Set Aluminium shield for the Kelly KLS7230S controllers... Product #: klly-shield Regular price: 25.00 € 25.00 € In Stock

Kelly Controller Shield Set

Brand: Qulbix
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Aluminium shield for the Kelly KLS7230S controllers. Fits directly to all 76 Frames (all versions) and 140 Frame Kits (2018+ versions). For 2017 140 Frame Kit versions and older, additional M5 threaded holes need to be drilled.

What's included in your Kelly Controller Shield Set:

  • 1 x black controller shield in two pieces;
  • 1 x set of bolts & washers;
  • 4 x cable tie.

 Please note: to fit this shield onto the 140 frame, 4 x M5 threaded holes need to be drilled in the frame.

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