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19'' Front Wheel Set

A complete 19'' moto rim front wheel set for your e-bike.

212.28 €  191.05 € Ex Tax: 156.60 €

76 Moto MD FRAME KIT for Bafang 1000W

A Qulbix 76 Frame Kit modified for the Bafang 1000W MM C320.1000 mid-drive motor system.

744.20 € Ex Tax: 610.00 €

76 Bicycle MD FRAME KIT for Bafang 1000W

A Qulbix 76 Frame Kit modified for the Bafang 1000W MM C320.1000 mid-drive motor system.

671.00 € Ex Tax: 550.00 €

Charge Plug Set (Female, for the Frame)

A female part of the charge plug set, which fits all Qulbix frames.

13.66 € Ex Tax: 11.20 €

Key Switch Set

A key switch set for your e-bike. Fits all Qulbix frames.

24.40 € Ex Tax: 20.00 €

Throttle & Regen Set

A set of twist grip throttle and a left hand side, thumb operated regenerative braking regulator (regen throttle) for your e-bike.

26.60 € Ex Tax: 21.80 €

Kelly KLS7230S Controller Set

A complete set including Kelly KLS7230S controller, wiring harness, fuse, shunt and connectors.

400.77 € Ex Tax: 328.50 €

Battery Set

A powerful and compact battery set that will fit Qulbix frames. The battery packs are made of safe Samsung Li-Ion battery cells.

1,416.42 € Ex Tax: 1,161.00 €

600W 48V Battery Charger

600W 48V Battery Charger suitable for 13 S Li-Ion battery packs.

244.00 € Ex Tax: 200.00 €

900W 72V Battery Charger

900W 72V Battery Charger suitable for 20 S Li-Ion battery packs.

286.70 € Ex Tax: 235.00 €

Cycle Analyst CA3-DP Display

Cycle Analyst CA3-DP is a simple and durable display that enables you to always monitor your e-bikes functions in detail.

183.00 € Ex Tax: 150.00 €

Kelly Controller Shield Set

Aluminium shield for the Kelly KLS7230S controllers. Fits Qulbix 76 and 140 frames.

30.50 € Ex Tax: 25.00 €

JST 2-pin Connector (T/Key Switch)

JST 2-pin Connector for temperature sensor and/or key switch. 

1.22 € Ex Tax: 1.00 €

JST 3-pin Connector (Throttle/Regen)

JST 3-pin Connector for throttle and/or regen signals. 

1.83 € Ex Tax: 1.50 €

JST 6-pin Connector (Hall/CA)

JST 6-pin Connector for hall and/or Cycle Analyst signals. 

2.44 € Ex Tax: 2.00 €

Kelly KLS7230S Controller

Top performance sinewave (FOC) e-bike controller with smooth, direct throttle response, variable regen, silent motor operation.

286.70 €  258.03 € Ex Tax: 211.50 €

Sabvoton Controller

A high performance sinewave brushless Motor Controller Sabvoton SVMC072150.

427.00 € Ex Tax: 350.00 €

76 Sabvoton Controller Shield Set

High tensile aluminium shield that covers Sabvoton SVMC072150 controllers that fits Qulbix 76 frame models.

30.50 € Ex Tax: 25.00 €

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