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  1. SteveP
  2. DIY Frame Kits
  3. Monday, 28 November 2016
I was wondering what was the difference between the two models?
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The main difference is in the frame's width.

As the model name indicates, the 140 frame is 140mm wide, whereas the 76 frame model is 76mm wide.
Due to it's smaller width, the 76 model is also lighter (about 3kg, depending on the model variation). Both frame models are made of the same material and they both have the same drop-out width options: 155mm (standard) or 165mm (custom).

You can use the 'Add to Compare' button at the bottom of any product on our website to compare models, set-ups and prices at any time.
  1. https://www.qulbix.com/qulbix-products/diy/frame-kits
  1. more than a month ago
  2. DIY Frame Kits
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