SURVEY PROMO CODE DISCOUNT (Valid from June 26th until August 31st 2018)

Terms and Conditions

By filling in our Short E-Bike Survey you consent to our Terms and Conditions and to our Privacy Policy.

Who is entitled to a Survey Promo Code?

Anyone who has completed the Short E-Bike Survey truthfully and completely by August 31st 2018 is entitled to a Survey Promo Code.

How do I use the Survey Promo Code?

Survey Promo Code can be used to gain a 5% discount on the gross price (the price without VAT, shipping, PayPal fee and other costs and taxes that may apply) of one single product available in the Qulbix store ( at that moment. The code is valid and can be used until August 31st 2018. By "used" we mean you can use the code to receive a discounted offer from Qulbix by August 31st. Each offer will have its own date of validity which can extend beyond the August 31 2018. After August 31st Qulbix will not issue new offers including Survey Promo Code.

Can I give my Survey Promo Code to someone else?

No. The Survey Promo Code in nontransferable and can not be used more than once, nor for more than one single product. Your friend can fill out the survey questionnaire him/herself to gain a Survey Promo Code.

Will the results of the Short E-bike Survey be public?

No. We will use the gained info for company's marketing purposes only. Read more on data collection, storage and use in our Privacy Policy.

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