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This is the off-road / closed circuit full-opened version of the Q140MD Core electric bike. It’s powerful, rugged and completely silent.

Available in three color combinations:

Qulbix Color Options

Qulbix Color Options

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This powerful, rugged and completely silent performance electric bike will get you up any hill and fast. Perfect for a day at the track or a ride deep into the forest. Discover the sportsman within. The P1 version comes with an overdrive with pedals that enables effective pedalling at any speed. You can also choose to add PAS (pedal assist system – for regulating the bike’s throttle with pedals) and a classic bicycle seat.

The classic bicycle seat option is only available with the pedal set-up and works best on straight, inclined, hard-packed terrains, such as dirt roads. It enables you to get a classic bicycle workout out of your off-road ride, regardless of your fitness level.

For more challenging terrains choose the moto seat.

Key features of Q140MD Core Race:

  • Massive torque
  • Adjustable throttle response
  • Double front disc brakes
  • Sturdy & robust

Qulbix Q140MD Core F1 is available in 3 color combinations:

  • Black & white bike with red or yellow decals
  • Army green with black decals
  • All-black with silver decals.

Custom colors are also possible, but this may prolong the production time.

Prefer pedals? Opt for the F1 version, here.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg

Black & White, Army Green, All-black

Key features

Q140MD Core Race is a light and powerful performance electric off-road bike.


12 kW (max. electrical power)

Max. speed

80 km/h (maximum vehicle speed)

RO mass

47 kg (vehicle without the battery)

Maximum load

115 kg (rider+equipment)

Seat height

900 mm


Pure electric


Right hand twist operated throttle.


Left hand thumb operated regeneration brake that refills the battery when braking downhill.

Energy capacity

2160 Wh


80 km (maximum electric range in LOW ride mode)

Charging time

3h (0-100%)

Motor type

3 phase brush-less with permanent magnet

Controller functions

Sine-wave (FOC) e-bike controller with smooth, direct throttle response, variable regen, silent motor operation.

Battery cell chemistry


Charger weight

3 kg

Displayed info

Voltage, SOC, speed, power, motor temperature, current, trip meter, odometer, battery internal resistance and more.

Front wheel suspension

Telescopic upside-down fork with steel spring and hydraulic damping. Adjustable spring preload, rebound and oil pressure. Fork stroke: 200 mm.

Rear wheel suspension

Shock absorber with steel spring and hydraulic damping. Adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound. Rear wheel travel: 220mm.

Wheel dimensions

Aluminium moto 19'' rim

Frame material

Super strong construction steel and high tensile strength aluminium.

Crank set

Custom crank set with overdrive gearing for effective pedalling at bike's end speed. Equivalent to 75T single front chain-wheel sprocket (only applies to P1 pedal version).

Optional add-on equipment

Bicycle style seat, PAS sensor, rear mudguard set (aluminium), bash guard set.

Street-legal status

Not street legal. Off-road / closed circuit use only.


Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. All photos are symbolic. Qulbix's Race products are not designed for street use. Please read our legal notice.



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