You can order Qulbix products by:

  • Choosing the products on our website. Check your quote cart (at the top and/or bottom of the website) to find a quote.
  • Contacting us directly, and we'll send you a quote.

We ship worldwide (for exceptions see below).


You can order in a few easy steps:


  • Choose one or more products on our website by selecting "Add To Cart" button. 

  • When you are done with choosing the products go to "Check Out".


  • After completing the quote process a quote will be sent to your email for off-line payment or you will be rerouted to PayPal payment page. To learn more on VAT, import/export costs, please read below.


You can choose between PayPal and Bank Payment/Off-line payment:


By selecting the PayPal option you will be automatically rerouted to PayPal page, which will guide you how to complete the payment;

COMPLETE THE ORDER. Order is considered made, once the payment has been completed (received).


By selecting the Offline Payment option you will receive your quote to your email.

You will find all payment info (bank name, IBAN, quote number, and amount) below the list of your chosen products. Use that info (exactly) to pay via your e-bank service or go to the bank.


3) Wait for your products to be READY FOR SHIPMENT.

Some products may be in stock, while others (such as complete e-bike kits) are custom made for their owners and can take 4-6 weeks (depending on the current order list) to be manufactured. We'll let you know as your products are ready for shipping. To learn more on packaging of the e-bike kits, please read below.

4) You RECEIVE tracking info and Owner's Manuals if the product you chose requires them.

To learn more on Owner Manual's and on how a e-bike kit is shipped, please read below.

1) Your quote includes an e-bike kit (BATTERY PACKS may not be able to shipped to your country or an extra shipping fee may apply);
2) You are a VAT registered company inside EU, and would like to have a quote without VAT;
3) If you have any custom requests or additional questions;

If so, please forward your quote (it will be sent to your email) to us and we'll contact you with a new, detailed quote or more info.


We accept payments via bank (more info below) or PayPal (an extra 4% fee applies).

Billing Info:
Company name: ULBI d.o.o.
Address: Preserje 40d
1352 Preserje, Slovenia, EU
VAT number: SI52582701

Bank name: Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d.
Bank address: Pristaniška ulica 14, 6502 Koper, SLOVENIA
EU IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 2960 928

IMPORTANT: When completing your purchase via an international wire transfer (payments via bank / off-line payment) it is important you can choose the correct transfer charges option. You need to choose the OUR option, NOT SHA. For more info contact your bank and ask about transfer charges.

Have more questions on how to order a complete bike? No problem, send us an email or contact us via FB and we'll help you out.

IMPORTANT: Please note that in some countries the import of Li-Ion batteries is restricted or altogether prohibited. Make sure you country will allow you to import you bike's battery pack at your local customs office, before you place an order for a complete e-bike kit. 

TAXES AND OTHER COSTS on Qulbix products

Prices in the Qulbix store include:

  • VAT.
    If you are ordering products from any EU member state VAT will be charged with your products. VAT stands for Value Added Tax, a tax on consumer spending. It applies to all EU member states customers in the amount of 22% (Slovenian VAT law (ZDDV-1)) of the good's value.

Prices in the Qulbix store include

  • Import costs and/or taxes.
    If you are ordering from a country outside EU, you will need to pay import costs and/or other costs and fees when importing your products to your country. All import taxes, fees and other costs vary by country and are the sole responsibility of the buyer (importer) and are not included in the shipping cost of the product. For info on import charges, please contact your country's customs office.


When your order is ready, it will be shipped out to agreed location. Shipment times vary by country. For more information on shipping details, contact our staff at info(at) 


Please read our Return & Refund Policy.


Please read Qulbix Warranty Conditions.

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Which prices apply to me?

If you come from a EU Member state, the prices with tax (VAT) apply. If you come from outside EU, Ex. Tax prices apply.


Please note that Ex.Tax. prices do not include VAT (Value Added Tax), nor import costs and/or taxes. For info on import charges, please contact your country's customs office. Read more.

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