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The New Q140MD Core 2022

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140 Moto FRAME KIT

A strong, quality made back-bone for your e-bike build. 140mm wide frame with a moto seat and subframe.

817,40€ Ex Tax: 670,00€


The lightest and narrowest (76mm width) Qulbix frame with moto style seat. Moto seat and subframe included. Standard swing arm drop-out width: 155mm (165mm optional).

744,20€ Ex Tax: 610,00€

140 Moto Seat and Subframe Set

Moto seat and subframe set that fits all Q140R and Q140MD performance e-bikes and DIY 140 frame kits.

170,80€ Ex Tax: 140,00€

76 Moto Seat and Subframe Set

Moto seat and subframe set that fits DIY 76 frame kits.

146,40€ Ex Tax: 120,00€

Q140MD CORE E-Bike: RACE 2022

A new generation of Qulbix e-bikes. Powerful (max. electrical power of 12kW), well made (in Europe) and modular (interchangeable foot pegs and pedals, moto and classic bicycle seat).

7.320,00€ Ex Tax: 6.000,00€

Q140MD CORE E-Bike: RACE 2022 USED

This is a demo Q140MD Core e-bike, used by the Qulbix team. The bike has 1500 km and shows some regular use wear and tear. It is serviced, has little used tyre set and a recently replaced battery (just 10 charge cycles; cca. 500 km). The bike has all the standard Q140MD Core Race specs with some additional mods. For more info check the spec details (under the Specifications tab) and watch the walk-around video.

This bike is perfect for mid-level to experienced off-road riders, with maximum grip, great suspension and massive torque

7.320,00€ Ex Tax: 6.000,00€


Order a spare moto or bicycle seat or their parts for your Q140MD Core e-bike.

Call for Price: info@qulbix.com

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