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76 Bicycle FRAME KIT

A strong, quality made back-bone for your e-bike build. A narrow (76mm wide) frame for maximum manoeuvrability, with a bicycle seat subframe.

671,00€ Ex Tax: 550,00€


The lightest and narrowest (76mm width) Qulbix frame with moto style seat. Moto seat and subframe included. Standard swing arm drop-out width: 155mm (165mm optional).

744,20€ Ex Tax: 610,00€

76 Moto Seat and Subframe Set

Moto seat and subframe set that fits DIY 76 frame kits.

146,40€ Ex Tax: 120,00€

76 Bicycle Subframe Set

Classic bicycle subframe set that fits 76 DIY frame kits. Seat not included.

73,20€ Ex Tax: 60,00€

Sabvoton Controller Shield Set

High tensile aluminium shield that covers Sabvoton SVMC072150 controllers and fits directly to all 76 Frames (all versions) and 140 Frame Kits (2018+ versions). Only available in black.

30,50€ Ex Tax: 25,00€

Q76R Adrenaline Off-road E-Bike - Used

The Q76R with its 48V 20Ah battery pack rides like a performance e-bike, but feels light and nimble as a bicycle.

3.500,00€ Ex Tax: 2.868,85€

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