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VAT and Other Costs

Prices in the Qulbix store include:


If you are ordering products from any EU member state VAT will be charged with your products. VAT stands for Value Added Tax, a tax on consumer spending. It applies to all EU member states customers in the amount dictated by the Member State you are from (your shipping address).

Qulbix store will show the prices according to the country of your residence, if you are signed-in our website. If you are not signed in, it should show both prices, with and with-out VAT. If in doubt which prices apply to you, send us an email to info(at)qulbix.com.

You can read more about EU's VAT here.

Import costs and/or taxes

If you are ordering from a country outside EU, you will need to pay import costs and/or other costs and fees when importing your products to your country. All import taxes, fees and other costs vary by country and are the sole responsibility of the buyer (importer) and are not included in the shipping cost of the product. For info on import charges, please contact your country's customs office.

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