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How Does My Bike Come Delivered?

How your bike comes delivered depends on the shipping option you have chosen. There are two options:


You will receive your e-bike on a wooden pallet. Before you turn your bike on for the first time, you need to read the BEFORE FIRST START instructions which come applied to your bike. As bike is prepared for transit, it is disconnected and it is very important you reconnect your ebike correctly. If you have not received this sheet, please contact us before starting your bike for the fisrt time. We also suggest you thoroughly read all the Qulbix manuals you will receive via email, before using your bike.


You will receive your e-bike in 2-3 boxes (depending on the seat option and other add-ons chosen). Before you start assembling your bike, we suggest you thoroughly read Qulbix manuals you will receive via email which you’ll receive via email. If you do not have the skills, tools or the room to assemble your bike we suggest you take your kit (and instructions) to your (good) local bike shop or order a complete e-bike and come and pick it up at Qulbix headquarters.

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