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QULBIX IS READY FOR THE FUTURE, article by Jaka Zavrsan in Moto Magazin

We tested: Qulbix Q140MD

One of the great advantages of our time is that technology seems almost limitless. When you pair that zeitgeist with specific knowledge the results can be astounding, as proved by a Slovenian company called Qulbix, a manufacturer of performance electric bikes.

I’ll admit, until recently I too was a bit of a sceptic when electricity started to take over the bicycle world. But as soon as I sat down on a Qulbix Q140MD Core and turned the pedals I’ve changed my mind. I think the major turning point for me was that I quickly became very comfortable riding the bike, which is in its core is very much like a motocross motorcycle.
Qulbix Q140MD Core e-bike provides three different power control options. The first, which of course was my favourite, is the twist throttle; the second is pedal assist, where you add power by spinning the pedals; and the third is a combination of both.

The bike is powered by a 72 volt battery pack, its peak power topping at 12kW which translates into massive torque that the bike puts out. And when I say massive, I mean just that. Acceleration out of the corners can be compared to a motocross bike, even if the bike’s end speed is lower, at about 80km/h.

When I opened the throttle at the very first corner its power took me by surprise, but I quickly got the hang of it and started to relax and enjoy my ride. I think one of the bike’s biggest advantages is the power set-up switch, which lets you control the degree of power you wish to apply. I started at 50% and then upped the percentage until full power. This way your first encounter with the bike becomes more controlled and thus safer, which means the bike can be used by beginners as well as kids.

All information on power usage and battery status can be read off the bike’s display which is mounted on the handlebar, right next to the classic hydraulic brake levers (which enable quite precise braking) and the regen lever for electronic braking via the motor, which refills the battery when applied. Suspension is not the best I’ve ever tested, but it works well enough to add to a very good overall rideability of the bike.

What I liked the most about the bike and Qulbix brand in general is, that they offer the rider lots of options. I’ve already mentioned various throttle controls, but you can also choose among different footing options and seat types. With wide variety of materials and different settings there’s no way you can’t find a set-up that fits your needs, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.

The fact that Anže Svetek, a Slovenian motocross rider won World Cup in 2019 on a Qulbix bike, just confirms this as top quality product.

Published in Moto Magazin, on July 24th 2021
Author: Jaka Zavrsan, journalist, 2017 enduro champion and 250cc motocross rider
Photo: Ziva Sorn
Originally published in: Slovene
English translation: Ziva Sorn
Original article available here.

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