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Race Month Special Offer

The race is on! Enjoy up to 10% OFF on your performance e-bike, during the racing season!

What Is the Race Month Offer?

The racing season of 2021 in e-bikes has already begun and will last until end of October, if all goes according to plan. Race Month Offer is a part of this season in which we encourage riders from all over the globe to get their own Qulbix Q140MD Core e-bikes and start riding! No need to race in a formal competition, not at all. You can race yourself by yourself - get in shape, and have lots of fun! So, why not join in now and save quite a lot, as you do?

How Do I Get The Discount?

Just create an e-bike quote and send it to us in a short email with the Special Offer Code and we'll calculate the discount for your bike. All quotes are just for your information, non-obligatory.

How Do I Get a Quote for My E-Bike?

You can create as many or as few quotes as you need. Just choose your e-bike set-up in our web-shop here, choose the settings that best fit your riding style and the website will calculate the cost for you.

Make sure, thou, to select the "off-line payment" option. If you choose PayPal the website will automatically redirect you to PayPal payment website. But no worries, you don't have to finish the process, if you don't want to.

So, go ahead, play with different set-ups and once you find your perfect match, send us an email and we'll cut 10% off the price.

How Do I Choose the Right Set-up for Myself?

You can browse through our large article library on the Q140MD Core e-bike or contact us directly and we'll help you pinpoint what set-up would work best for you.

What About Cookies? I've Read I Can Get Something Extra - What Is It and How Do I Get It?

Yes, you can get even more that the 10% off. Share, comment and like, at least one of our Race Month Offer social medial posts and get something extra with your bike order. Wish to know what it is? Send us an email, the Extra Cookie will depend on the country you are from.

When Does the Offer Expire?

This is a limited offer and it only applies to a limited amount of bikes. As soon as the set amount is sold, the offer will close. We will let you know here.

I've Got Questions!

Sure. Send us an email, give us a call or contact us via social media. You will find our contact info, here.

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