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Qulbix Test Rides at Brnik, Slovenia MX Track

Qulbix Test Rides at Brnik, Slovenia MX Track

Qulbix regularly organises test ride days where different riders can test the Q140MD Core e-bike for themselves.

This time we met at Brnik motocross track near Slovenia's largest airport. Here's how the talented 12-year-old 85cc MX bike rider Rok Plestenjak rode the Q140MD e-bike. Joining him on the track was Jaka Zavrsan, a national MX2 champion in 2020. Zavrsan is also a journalist for the Avto Magazin magazine and after having teste the Q140MD Core wrote an article about the experience.

Here's what he said: 

I admit, I was one of those people who were really sceptical about the entry of electrification into biking, but I changed my mind completely the moment I sat down on a Qulbix's Q140MD and turned the pedals. I think the biggest reason for my change of hart was that I quickly relaxed on the bike and felt extremely at ease, as it is so similar to a classic motocross motorcycle.

You can read the entire article here (to switch from Slovene to English, you can use chrome's auto-translate).

Rok Plestenjak in Jaka Zavrsan testing the Q140MD CoreRok Plestenjak and Jaka Zavrsan testing the Q140MD Core e-bike

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