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Qulbix Q140MD Core 15kW off-road performance e-bike has 3 THROTTLE SET-UPS:
1️⃣ Classic moto style twist grip throttle - use only the twist grip to regulate throttle.
2️⃣ Twist grip throttle AND pedal assist - use the pedals or the twist grip to regulate throttle. Using the twist grip will override the pedal assist throttle. This double throttle option is best for off-road trips, where ...
Who says you can't go out for a drink? ☺️🍻🏕💫 #JustDoItDifferently #nature #dirtebike #Qulbix
Q140MD CORE is a 15kW performance mid-drive off-road e-bike, with twist grip throttle and Pedal Assist System.
Ride it 4️⃣ Ways: as a pedelec, an off-road explorer, a light enduro or an e-MX bike. Just change the seat type, install foot pegs/pedals and choose the throttle type. .
14 upgrades/mods to choose from, including: SEAT TYPE option, FOOT PEGS option, ...
#Q76R 10kW offroad electric bike. Now also available as a #DIY #ebikekit

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The New 2020 Q140MD Core E-bike!

Qulbix Performance Electric Bikes. Powerful - Modular -  Unique as Each Rider.

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